A New Beginning

March 23, 2008

Alright people. Here I am, starting my blogging. I don’t really have this initiative to start a blog. Sam is the one who keeps persuading me to create one. Anyway, with this blog, it helps me keep in touch with all my friends and keep my friends up-to-date with all the things happening around me.


Well, you know me. So I don’t have to describe me in detail. I’m 19 and am currently enjoying the last year of my teenage days. Class started TODAY and holiday is OVER. I’m gonna be preparing for the tough days ahead. With assignments, exam which I’ll be facing this new semester, I’m really gonna be much stressed. I’ve gone through this during my foundation semester 1 and all I can say is STRESS. Although I didn’t study real hard for my exams in the first semester, I still score quite well; just fail one of the most important subject of my course- PHYSICS. That’s really a heart attack for me, as you know, fees for resit and repeating can be way too expensive.


I got my timetable early morning at the campus auditorium and I was quite shocked to see the timetable packed with the seven subjects I have enrolled. I found out that I’m really going on diet this time coz I don even have time to go for lunch. 8 HOURS OF CLASSES to attend without break in the middle of each class. That’s INCREDIBLE. I’m gonna be so stress with this stupid timetable arrangement. Anyway, life got to go on.


First class of the day was engineering math and as usual classes were boring. Never mind…I already get used to it. I went home for lunch and called sam, who is having class at that moment. He got to answer my phone outside the lecture hall. Kesian him. Told him everything went alright, bla…bla….bla…really miss him la. Go straight for class after that call.


Well, that’s it for today. I’ll try to keep this blog up-to date. I can’t promise coz assignments and piles of work might me waiting for me to be complete. Bye.